Maggie Appleton is an Illustrator & visual designer

Who makes art about software development & computer programming at

What I Do

I make designy-arty-illustrations that help people understand web development and computer programming topics. Most of my work is for the dev community. Some are jokes about the internet just for me.

Where I Am

English-American. Living in Los Angeles. If you are too, Tweet Me.

Past Locations: Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Washington, Prague, Amsterdam.

These Podcasts

Creative Pep Talk – with Andy J. Miller

These Blogs

Brain Pickings – by Maria Popovra

Andy J. Miller – Insights on Illustration

Christoph Niemann – on NYT's Abstract Sunday

Ribbon Farm – by Venkat Rao

Scientific American: Anthropology in Practice – Fascinating Ideas on Modern Culture & Society

These Books


Mail me at at gmail dot com